Enabling the Full Potential of AI with Safe Synthetic Data

Generate high-quality and compliant data samples at scale, built with GenAI.


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Dealing with Real-World Data Is a Pain

To drive growth, product development, and innovation, you need easy and secure access to large volumes of data. But getting real-world data is often complex, storing and managing it is costly, and using it comes with privacy and bias concerns and regulatory restrictions.

Safe Synthetic Data Is the Painkiller

GenAI-powered synthetic data offers an artificial alternative to real-world data. It serves as a secure, anonymous, and statistically representative solution, addressing all the challenges related to access, bias, storage, and compliance commonly associated with real-world data.


Navigating the Clash of AI Gold Rush vs. Privacy Regulations 

AI and LLM are in constant need of more training data, creating tension between the desire for data and the limitations imposed by data privacy regulations.

While there's an ongoing demand for high-quality datasets, the truth is that real-world data is at maximum capacity. We’ve already scraped the entire internet, and we’re left with limited access to additional valuable information.


While advancements in AI and machine learning offer immense potential for businesses, they also raise concerns about data privacy. With GDPR, the EU AI Act, and other regulations, businesses must find ways to comply with global, regional, and national regulatory requirements. 

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That's why the United Nations, the EDPS, the White House, the Royal Society, the ICO, and others urge organizations to take advantage of the power of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs). PETs, including synthetic data, are there to keep your information safe while AI keeps evolving.

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Maximizing Data’s Potential in Various Applications


Synthetic data unlocks the full potential of AI and ML projects by providing diverse and high-quality datasets, enhancing data fairness, ensuring legal compliance, and boosting AI and LLM performance.

Software Testing

Synthetic data empowers organizations to streamline software testing processes, overcome data limitations, and ensure seamless end-to-end testing for more efficient software development. 

Analytics & BI

Synthetic data enables analytics and business intelligence operations across cloud, on-premises, and edge environments by removing data access, regulatory compliance, and cloud computing challenges.  

Syntheticus Suite: Elevating Data-Powered Innovations

Engineered to bridge the gap between data availability and actionable insights, the Syntheticus Suite integrates a Core Platform with a set of advanced Functional Modules to supercharge innovative applications. Together, they form the ecosystem of Syntheticus.ai, empowering your data-driven initiatives.


Insights From the Industry

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