Tap Into the Power of Synthetic Data Platform

Access to data can transform businesses and fuel innovation across industries. Syntheticus® bridges the gap between the data you have and the insights you need by providing high-quality data sources at scale without compliance risks.

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High quality synthetic data at scale 2

Synthetic data generation at scale

With Syntheticus, you can generate synthetic datasets that proxy real-world data, tackle scarcity, and cover all your data needs from tabular to text and image formats. Our models are constantly updated to reflect the latest technological advances in Generative AI, ensuring your data is always of the highest quality.

Privacy focussed features 2

Privacy-focused features

Avoid fines and reputation damage that follows non-compliance with data privacy regulations. With Syntheticus, you stay in control of your sensitive data and break down data infrastructure silos. Working under strict data protection laws allows us to protect you and your data while ensuring the highest quality of results.


Data monetization 2

Data monetization 

Enable your marketing, sales, and business teams to innovate and directly impact your business growth. Syntheticus creates new revenue streams and data monetization opportunities without worrying about privacy restrictions or security concerns.

Seamless collaboration 2

Seamless collaboration

Implement Syntheticus' platform into the most sensitive work environments and seamlessly collaborate on data without wasting time or dealing with limited access. With our flexible APIs and intuitive lab interface, creating and managing synthetic datasets has never been easier.

How Does the Syntheticus Platform Work?

Data Generation Made Easy in Less Than a Minute

Ingest original data - Generate synthetic data  - Test and validate insights - Create targeted reports

shape 3  Member of the "Swiss Made Software" Label. Built on enterprise-ready frameworks and hosted on powerful and secure cloud servers.

shape 3  Sophisticated algorithms protect values and categories in all formats to guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of data.

shape 3  Safe, realistic alternatives replace sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII).

Syntheticus HUB_Synthetic Data Advanced Security Features

shape 3  Compare real-world data to synthetic datasets to quickly identify areas of improvement.

shape 3  State-of-the-art validation features to ensure that every dataset created by Syntheticus is of the highest quality.

shape 3  Quality assessment report showing all statistical and pattern-based measurements, providing a complete view of data integrity and reliability.

Syntheticus HUB_Synthetic Data Real-time Validation

shape 3  Synthetic data generation based on different needs, including customizable parameters, advanced analytics, and Machine Learning models.

shape 3  Data augmentation to tackle scarcity and enrichment to correct for present bias.

shape 3  Different data types support: structured tabular data, relational databases, geospatial data, log and time series data, open text data, and more.

Syntheticus HUB_Flexible data-generating options

shape 3  Fast, intuitive data management, built to connect easily, interact with, generate, and validate data - all from one streamlined interface.

shape 3  Cloud, On-Premises, and EDGE infrastructure to integrate seamlessly into existing platforms, systems, and processes.



Syntheticus_Synthetic Data Platform Dashboard

Scalable Synthetic Data, Fit for Various Use Cases


Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the potential of AI projects with diverse, high-quality datasets that enhance data fairness and ensure legal compliance. Synthetic data empowers AI developers and researchers to access the data they need without compromising privacy or security. This accelerates AI innovation, delivers more reliable results, and addresses challenges posed by large language models (LLMs).


Test data management

Streamline your test data management processes for efficient software development and testing. Use Syntheticus to generate high-quality synthetic data, enhance the testing environment, accelerate development cycles, and get more accurate outcomes. Synthetic data eliminates data limitations and expedites software development without data scarcity or privacy concerns.



Overcome data access, compliance, and cloud computing challenges in the analytics landscape with synthetic data. It facilitates analytics operations across various environments, ensuring efficient insights extraction.  Using synthetic data, you can unlock the full potential of your analytics operations and streamline data management process, while reducing storage costs.

Integrate Synthetic Data With Your Research and Workflows

The Syntheticus platform runs in your environment and integrates with tools and systems you already use, supporting your company’s cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

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Easy integration with existing databases

The platform easily integrates with your database. Out-of-the-box it supports databases like Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL. This allows you to access and analyze synthetic data alongside your real-world datasets easily.

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Connect to cloud storage buckets

Our API and SDK support integration with popular cloud storage providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Storage, giving you the flexibility to store and access synthetic data in the best format for you.

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Connect to the DB2 family of databases

Syntheticus’ DB2 support allows you to integrate synthetic data into your existing DB2-based applications and workflows, enabling faster development and improved performance.

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Integration with existing data processing pipelines

Our streaming APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate synthetic data into your existing data pipelines, enabling real-time updates to your systems and applications.

Leveraging State-of-the-Art Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Generative AI_Illustration

Generative AI

Generative AI refers to the use of advanced ML algorithms to generate synthetic data that perfectly mimics original datasets. With Syntheticus, you gain access to the latest innovations in generative AI, leveraging our proprietary algorithms and integrating diffusers, transformers, LLMs, and GANs.

Differential Privacy

Syntheticus uses a set of techniques to generate accurate synthetic datasets while ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your original data. Using Differential Privacy, we protect your sensitive data while generating high-quality synthetic datasets for your use case.

Differential Privacy_Illustration
Confidential Computing Illustration

Confidential Computing

In addition to differential privacy, Syntheticus uses various data protection tools and methods to ensure your original datasets remain secure. Using confidential computing, we prevent data breaches and ensure your raw, sensitive data is encrypted to everyone at all times. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Syntheticus? How does it work?

You're in the right place to find out. See answers to frequently asked questions about our platform.

What is synthetic data?

Synthetic data is a type of artificial data that mimics real-world datasets. With Syntheticus, you access high-quality synthetic datasets created using advanced Generative AI and sophisticated mathematical/statistical methods.

How does Syntheticus generate synthetic data?

The Syntheticus platform uses advanced Generative AI and data protection technologies to generate high-quality synthetic datasets that mimic real-world data. Our algorithms analyze your original dataset and use this information to generate synthetic datasets that are accurate, reliable, and fit for your specific use case.

How does Syntheticus guarantee that its synthetic data holds the same quality as the original data?

Syntheticus uses a range of state-of-the-art validation tools to ensure that its synthetic datasets are accurate and reliable. Using these tools, we compare the synthetic data against your original dataset to guarantee that it holds the same data quality and accuracy. That said, the quality of original data is key to generating high-quality synthetic data, and we recommend using Syntheticus in conjunction with quality datasets to maximize the accuracy of your results.

What are typical synthetic data use cases ?

Synthetic data is used to train Machine Learning models or develop and test software applications. Some typical use cases include fraud detection, forecasting financial trends, developing smarter medical devices and applications, software development and testing, advanced analytics, and AI.

Is the quality of data generated by Syntheticus good enough for advanced analytics, such as Machine Learning and predictive modeling?
Yes, the quality and accuracy of our synthetic data are on par with real-world datasets, given the privacy level. Many of our clients use Syntheticus to improve the performance of their Machine Learning models, as well as to train them in a safe and privacy-preserving way.
Will Syntheticus gain access to my data to create synthetic data?

No, Syntheticus does not have access to your original data. All our algorithms and tools are designed to protect its confidentiality. You connect your data to our platform, and we generate high-quality synthetic datasets behind your firewalls without ever gaining access to your original data.

Which data types does Syntheticus support?

Syntheticus works best with structured tabular data formatted in tables, large datasets, relational databases, geospatial data, log and time series data, multi-table databases, and open text data. However, the platform is data-agnostic and can ingest every type of data.

Do I need any specific skills or experience to use Syntheticus?

No, Syntheticus is easy to use and requires no special skills or experience. Our intuitive platform makes connecting and interacting with your data simple. Our team of experts is always available to help you get the most out of Syntheticus and your data.

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