Turn Data From a Liability into an Asset with Synthetic Data

Syntheticus empowers data exchange and overcomes limitations in data access, scarcity, and bias - at scale. With our synthetic data platform, you generate high-quality and compliant data samples tailored to your business needs and analytics goals. 

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Real-World Data is Scarce, Difficult to Access, and Vulnerable to Privacy and Security Risks

You need easy and secure access to data to drive growth, product development, and innovation. However, production data is either not accessible or not really usable, making it difficult to gain the insights you need.

That's where synthetic data comes in.

Synthetic Data Overcomes the Challenges of Real-World Data

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Access more data sources

With synthetic data, you easily tap into a wide range of high-quality sources that are not always available in the real world.


Improve research outcomes

By accessing high-quality, consistent data, you conduct more reliable research, leading to better products, services, and business decisions.


Accelerate R&D

With fast, reliable data sources at your fingertips, you accelerate product development cycles and improve time-to-market.

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Enhance privacy, security, and governance

Synthetic data is designed to be private and secure by default, protecting sensitive data and maintaining compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

Unlock Innovation, Tackle Biases, and Turn Original Data into Actionable Insights

Software development and testing

Use synthetic data to generate mock data for experimentation and validation. It allows you to evaluate software, systems, products, and services without compromising the privacy and security of sensitive data.

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Anomalies detection

With synthetic data, you enrich existing datasets by identifying patterns and trends. Enriched datasets are used to detect and flag anomalous behavior, uncover hidden correlations, and generate targeted insights.

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Predictive analytics

With fast and reliable data sources, you run predictive analytics to understand customer behavior better, anticipate market trends, and optimize operations. Use synthetic data to train Machine Learning models for more accurate predictions and recommendations.

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Collaboration and sharing

With synthetic data, you don't have to worry about exposing sensitive data to unauthorized users. Share and collaborate on datasets with stakeholders across departments and teams without risking the privacy or integrity of your data.

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Data augmentation

Whether working with large, original datasets or smaller, more focused datasets, synthetic data augments your existing data to produce higher-quality insights. Use it to fill gaps, build more representative models, or test and validate findings and assumptions.

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Unleashing the Potential of Data across Industries


Syntheticus enables insurance companies to tap into a wide range of high-quality data sources, improving risk assessment and forecasting to minimize potential losses.

Finance and Banking

With access to synthetic data, financial institutions run predictive analytics and detect anomalies, optimizing operations and minimizing risks.

Healthcare and Pharma

Syntheticus allows healthcare providers and pharma companies to accelerate research and development, enhancing privacy and security while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

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