Leveraging Synthetic Data for Innovative Finance and Banking Solutions

Reduce lending risk, predict fraud attempts, and stay compliant with data privacy regulations by using synthetic data in your finance and banking operations.

Synthetic Data for Banking and Finance

Silos and Compliance Barriers Prevent Data-Driven Insights for Banks and Financial Institutions

Privacy fears and compliance headaches turn valuable data into a liability for banks and financial institutions. With growing cybersecurity concerns, money laundering, increased legislative pressure, and restricted access to transaction data, financial institutions face false positive rates, increased costs, and delays in lending decisions.

Synthetic data helps banks and financial institutions overcome compliance concerns, decrease false positive rates, and generate new revenue streams by providing access to AI-generated datasets with the same statistical properties as their original data.

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Overcoming Data Compliance and Usage Limitations of Financial Institutions

The Story of SIX

Learn how Syntheticus is helping SIX with artificially generated synthetic data that mimics the original data while respecting the need for privacy, to unlock data’s full potential and create business value.

The Syntheticus Platform Unlocks the Data Potential for Banks and Financial Institutions

Advanced data generation

The Syntheticus platform seamlessly generates high-quality datasets that closely match the statistical properties of the original data. It gives banks and financial institutions easy access to the data they need to run predictive models, testing, and other analytical tasks while ensuring consistent results and reducing overall time to data.

Synthetic Data for Finance_Advanced data generation

Privacy-preserving features

The Syntheticus platform leverages Differential Privacy and Trusted Execution Environment to protect sensitive financial data, allowing banks and financial institutions to share data for external collaboration safely. As AI-generated synthetic data doesn't contain any PII, banks and financial institutions collaborate with their industry partners without GDPR fines or other compliance penalties.

Synthetic Data for Finance_Privacy preserving features

Flexible integrations

Whether it's shared through APIs, batch uploads, or direct access to data warehouses, the Syntheticus platform offers flexible integration options that make it easy for banks and financial institutions to incorporate synthetic data into their existing processes and systems. As a result, organizations streamline their data management processes, reduce costs and resource requirements, and easily access the data they need to drive strategic business decisions.​

Synthetic Data for Finance_Flexible integrations

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